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by Mellisa

I don't have a horse but i want one soo badly! My story is about one of my riding lessons at flicka farms so listen if you want. I go riding every other sunday, and at one of my riding lessons my stomach wasnt feeling to good so i told my mom i wanted to go home. But she said "no" and i listened. I thought it would be a horrible lesson, but it turned out to be a great lesson. I tacked up the horse i was riding,(peppy),and led her out to the arena. Then i mounted and started to walk around. Then my instructor came in and told me to jog,( because i ride western ), then we did an obstacle course while jogging( oh, BTW i was in a group lesson ). Then, we walked and finally we loped. IT WAS AWESOME!!! I know i have done it tons of times, but it was awesome!!! But, peppy will only listen to you if you sit up perfectly straight so i had to look at the ceiling to sit up that straight!!! Thats my story!!

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Feb 27, 2011
by: Anonymous

I was riding a horse and when i got home i wrote a storie about it!!!!

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