Ranch Work

Ranch work. - Love it or Leave it?

Running a ranch and horse boarding - top 10 things to consider before jumping in!

10. There is no money in providing board, you do it because you love it

9. You can NEVER take a day off without making elaborate preparations

8. You must be passionate about these beautiful animals

7. Our equine friends are big, so is their poop – real big

6. Shoveling manure takes up a lot of your time

5. Horses get sick, so do you

4. Fences break

3. Stables flood

2. Mice share the barn

1. Endless visitors!!!

funny horse pic

Owning a horse is like having a giant pit which you always have to fill up with money. They eat a lot, they need expensive pedicures more often than a diva, and veterinarians aren’t cheap either.

Still set on this lifestyle?

If you have not run screaming to a cozy office job by the end of this page – congratulations – you are going to LOVE the ranch life – as do I … but I will tell you the good parts later.

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