Horse Riding Techniques

You will never learn proper horse riding techniques or become a great rider if you never fall... Olympic riders fall...

Horses are unpredictable! No one can be ready for a horse to shy away from something or to suddenly stop in front of a fence!

Regarding looking down when riding.There is no reason to look down while riding. You should be able to feel for your diagonals and leads and know whether you're on the right diagonal, and which lead you are on without having to look.

It comes with years of experience, or an excellent coach who makes you work on these things. When you're looking down, you lose attention of all that is around you.

Your weight gets tipped forward when you look down.You can affect the horse's balance as well.

Looking down can also sometimes be a confidence issue when it comes to jumping.

Looking down might be a signal that is telling the horse that you aren't 100% confident.

The truth is that you never can fully master horseback riding.... you can be very very good.. but theres always room for improvement and falls constantly remind and teach you of it.

If you have any tidbits of information or opinions pertaining to being a better rider, please send them in by filling out the form below. The best riding book for beginners might just be Click Here!

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