Sweet Feed

Sweet feed is a mixture of many different materials combined with salt to make tasty food for your equine friend. Generally this type of feed will have barley, oats, and corn as the major component. Supplements are usually added along with minerals to make the feed more healthy than some of the more traditional feeds.

Expect to pay a larger upfront cost with this sweet mixture as it tends to be a bit pricier. However, you most likely will not have to add any special vitamins or minerals to the feed to make it healthy for your horse.(it will already have these)

Make sure to read the ingredients of any feed before you purchase it. Your horse cannot do this itself and is depending on you to keep him or her healthy. Feed made from cheap mixtures can wreak havoc on your horse's digestive system. This will only cost you more money in the long run through veterinarian bills.

Use this type of feed if you do not want to bother mixing up your feed with many different substances. Also use with horses that tend to be picky eaters. This type of horse food tastes better than traditional feed and will be eaten more enthusiastically.

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