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This is not anything like a dream come true!

by Tashie (Natasha)
(New Jersey)

I have always wanted a horse. But, my family cannot afford one, or even afford riding lessons for that matter. To make matters worse,I live in a very busy town. But, my best friend took me to her horse ranch, since I was over for a sleep over but she already had riding lessons. I looked at the horses, and then saw a small one in the back. A girl, maybe eight or nine, was yelling at the horse. I walked up and asked, "What's wrong?" She shook her head and said, "This horse is evil!!" And then she walked off. Star was the horses name. I reached my hand out and she nuzzled it. I gave her a apple. She ate it without any hesitation. My best friend was just finishing and she was walking through where the horses stables where and saw Star and I. "Careful. She bites!" she warned. I kept patting Star, and she never bit once.
The day I dreaded finally came. My best friend switched her lessons to another horse ranch. I was so sad. Now, a couple years later, my mom's friend was watching over me at her house. She had a daughter who was five years older than me. One day while the mom picked me up from school, she said that her daughter was at the horse ranch taking care of her horse ( she had bought one). That was fine with me. So, when I was there I scanned the horses. Then I saw one that looked just like Star! I asked the daughter after she was done caring for her horse, Argus, what that horses name was. "It's Star, she came to this ranch a year ago. Be careful around her though. She bites everyone." I was utterly flabbergasted. I fell in love with that horse, and even now I still visit. This is to all the people out there who wish they could own a horse, but can't: You don't have to own to love.

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May 14, 2011
by: Anonymous

hope ya get star

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