Types Of Horse Bits

Basic types of horse bits information.

A horse bit is one of the materials you need with your horse tack. It is used to control a horse when navigating it by giving directions.

This is used to control the movement of the horse. A horse bit plays a vital role in a tack where it is one of the items that are used to give directions to a horse when riding. A bit is place in a horse mouth.

There are different types of horse bits to choose from that are being sold in stores. In choosing what bit to use for your horse, you need to know and learn what these bits are to help you make up your mind in deciding what type of bit to buy for your horse.

A bit is not made to give pain to a horse but rather provide pressure to a horse mouth to control it. This is used to give commands to horses by putting pressure on the bits.

An ideal horse bit should fit properly to the horse's mouth to properly function so that it will not cause pain to the horse but will help direct them. The two types of horse bits commonly used by riders are snaffle bit and curb bit.

The snaffle bit is a commonly used bit by riders. This bit does not create leverage on the mouth if direct pressure is exerted to the reins because it has no shank. The pressure you apply on the reins will be the same pressure on the mouth. This is ideal to use on any horses especially young horses to train them to follow directions and learn how to understand the use of pressures.

The curb bit is not ideal for beginner riders especially if the person is heavy-handed. This bit is ideal to use for your horse if your horse has used a snaffle bit before. The curb bit has shanks that give leverage to the mouth.

It is important that when you use this bit, you have light hands to tug the reins gently to avoid hurting the horse's mouth because if you pull hard on the rein, the shank of the bit will have more pressure and could cause a great deal of pain to the horse's mouth. The horse will feel more pressure in the mouth than the pressure you apply on the reins.

Before deciding to buy a horse bit, it is important that you understand how a bit works and how to use a bit. Remember to consider the shape and the dental condition of your horse's mouth to find the best types of horse bits to use to make your horse comfortable with the bit in its mouth. It is also important to fit the bit properly in the mouth to not cause suffering to the horse.

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