The Western Saddle

What is a western saddle? This saddle is probably what you think it is. Remember watching cowboy movies with the hero sitting on a large saddle with a high horn,(the piece of the saddle that stands up in the front), and low sides? That was a western horse saddle.

The high horn can be used when roping cattle as the rider can tie their end right around the horn. However, it is not a viable place to hold onto when riding or managing your horse.

This saddle is very popular in the United States and is great for riding for long periods of time. Endurance riding was very important during cattle drives and long moves between states in the days before cars. This is probably the reason why this saddle looks and feels so different from the more European horse saddles.

Prices for this type of saddle vary, but expect to pay in the neighborhood of $1,000.00 for a new saddle. The cost tends to be lower online, but make sure you get free shipping, otherwise you might end up paying too much.

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