Horse Grooming

Zach Got My Zipper!

by Caelan
(Traverse City Michigan USA)

Hi I'm Cealan, I really like horses and I want one so bad. So Me and my family went out to a lady's house to see about horse back riding lessons. Well we scheduled one the next day. I went into the corall to meet the horses. There were three horses a white, a brown and a paint. The paints name was Zach the whites name was honey and the brown's name was Mister! Zach was my favorite so I spent a lot of time with him. Then he started to chew on my jacket and I was puzzled. I thought " Why is he doing this?". The owner came over and said " Zach is going after your zipper!" I was very surprised but I laughed and said " your funny Zach". And that is how I ended my day with a horse chewing on my jacket! The End

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