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January 24, 2007 11:47 - Meet the Horse Butlers

Hello, my name is Ronnie and I am a novice horse ranch owner. I am also a novice blogolist. (That means blog writer)

This page might be a little messy only because I am still trying to get a handle on the blog thing. Please bear with me.
If you would like to know more about how we landed on this ranch just link to my page about us. The link must be somewhere on this page.

About Us

Country life is DANGEROUS.

I can't get rid of this headache! I think it stems from my upper arm...perhaps from too much computer work... Well, that is a part of my country life too.
I am about to go and start the day. It is 7:30AM; I have checked my emails, surfed the net, read the daily paper and had my tea. Now it's time to feed the horses.
I awoke this morning to scribbled messages from my loving but "morning challenged" husband. Written on toilet paper and placed in strategic places around the house: The message - "Don't muck!" It means that I shouldn't clean the stalls. He wants to do it. But I will clean the stalls. AND what a guilt trip! For him. Then I can take the rest of the day off.

The most difficult thing about running a horse boarding stable is:

Keeping the pet population down to a managable amount.

If you love animals, imagine having tons of space for them. Imagine being able (if you can afford it) to purchase a horse, a pony, a goat, a lama, cats, a big dog for the barn, a small dog for your purse, medium sized cute dogs and cats cats cats.

AND if you are a city girl and an animal lover who has dreamt of living in the country for all of her life, well... it's like being in a chocolate palace, being able to break off a chunk of chocolate and stuff it in your mouth from anywhere you please!

Pets of the Horse Ranch
Penelope is nudging my toes...she wants "up". Penelope is a pot bellied pig. She has her own blog. Being a busy pig she has not updated it for a long long time but you can check it out at penelope's blog. Click on her picture

Now that Penelope sleeps in the stable, my house is cleaner or more appropriately - less dirty. She does come back to the house after I finish mucking in the mornings. She busies herself by vacuuming the house with her snout, sleeping on the big comfy chair and terrorizing our boxer, Atticus.


Ned the Llhasa Apso: The Boss
The Pot Bellied Pig: Penelope

January 24, 2007 10:38 - Welcome to Horse Barn News

Welcome to my horse ranch.
I have lots of tips, stories and information on stable management, barn maintenance and daily horse ranch life.
I hope that my blog will help you in your new life as a horse ranch owner.
If you haven't yet made the jump from city life to living in the country but are thinking about it.
I hope this blog will convince you to follow your dream.

Me and my quarter horse:
One of the perks of living with horses is riding often
Quarter horse

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