Homemade Horse Treats

Recipes of homemade horse treats for you to try. I don't mean for you to eat, they are for your best buddy, your equine companion. These are great reward ideas for clicker training.


1 3/4 cups mixed grain (such as a corn, oats, barley blend...see below for what I used)
1 1/2 cups flour
3/4 cup unsweetened applesauce
2/3 cup dark brown sugar, packed
3 tablespoons dark corn syrup (Karo syrup)
egg white from one large egg, well beaten

Mix the ingredients together and put onto baking sheets the same way you would a human cookie. Cook for 10-15 minutes at about 375 degrees.

These horse cookies are also a great way to fatten up a horse losing too much weight. And they are very healthy. They are fun to bake.

Bake them and put them in tightly closed jar and keep them for a few days.

No bake Treats

For the lazy ones amongst us, there are plenty of ways to pamper your companion without using the oven.

My horse likes to eat grapes and bananas.

My quarter horse won't touch anything but apples and carrots. She is very conservative.

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